As an artist there is nothing that breaks my soul more than seeing my painting stuffed into a small corner, a tiny space on a wall, like a pair of jeans that don’t quite fit, or even worse a cupboard (yes that’s happened). Each painting is like selling a tiny piece of who I am and if I came to your house and you stuffed me into a cupboard then the world would (hopefully) have something to say about that. I beg of you dont’ do that to your art. Love it well and it will love you back.

So here are a few tips for you….

1.If you’ve decided to buy a large painting please please take a minute to measure your wall, give it good space all around it to give it a nice frame. It will make it much more pleasing for people to view.

2. If you don’t have a tape measure, buy one. It costs a lot less than one of my paintings and will be worth it.

3. Should you send me a picture of your space it is very hard for me to know what a canvas will look like as I can’t get a full feel of the space. I’d encourage you to measure out the sizes you are tempted by, on my Price and Commissions page, in masking tape and pop that on your wall first. That will help give you a feel of how it will look.

4. You may decide to get your painting framed. We all have our own tastes but should you choose this route I encourage you to go for something quite plain. My work is hugely textured and adding a different texture to that will confuse the eye and take away from the painting.

Happy buying and viewing!

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