I would be happy to discuss a commission with you. Due to the nature of my paintings and the fluidity of the materials used I’m happy to work with you on colours but would encourage you to be flexible with the final output. My commissions only cover abstract landscape/seascape work. My hope is that the final image will speak into your life and home.

If you look to your left you will see my price list, this is of common sizes but other sizes are an option. I’m happy to have a conversation with you about any painting and it NEVER commits you to a sale, however I’d humbly encourage you to remember this is my trade, my hardwork, my business. I have two little ones to feed and being teased with a sale or commission makes me eat chocolate and my husband doesn’t deserve to see those extra curves, he’s a good guy.

Here’s how it works; If you decide to go ahead with a commission I take a 20% non refundable deposit upon booking. This secures your place on my list! I then take the the rest of the payment when it is completed and before delivery.*

I know what you are thinking, what if I hate it?! A very valid question. The good news is I only present to you what I absolutely love so if you don’t like it then speak to me about it (although, if you could do it kindly it would save me a lot of money on therapy) I love getting to know my clients, some of whom have become friends now, transparent communication will be the key to our relationship.

Please contact me at artist@lindahoskins.co.uk if you want to chat or enquire about anything.

*Once payment and delivery has taken place the transaction is complete.

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