During this uncertain and unusual time of Covid-19 the ‘Stay Seen Project’ has formed. I donate 50% of all profits made on any art work sales to the charity Survivors Of Human Trafficking In Scotland (a.k.a SOHTIS). Human trafficking is a global issue and the impact of COVID-19 will likely make this problem even worse as time goes on due to the poverty COVID-19 will force people into. The director of SOHTIS says;

“Every day men, women and children are bought and sold in Scotland, in fact right here in our neighbourhoods, they are hidden in plain sight. During this COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the tragic loss of life to the virus itself, there are many other voiceless victims.  For example, those who have previously been held for forced labour in the service industry (hotels, restaurants, nail bars, car washes) who most likely have been discarded and find themselves vulnerable on the streets.  Poverty is one the most significant drivers of trafficking and slavery and so as we begin to think about the aftermath of COVID-19 the sad reality is that there will be many more of our neighbours at risk of being exploited.  SOHTIS believe everyone deserves to live in freedom with dignity and respect and in a slavery free Scotland.  Their mission is to ensure the recovery and long term wellbeing of survivors of human trafficking here in our communities, helping them rebuild their lives and integrate into society.”

View below the painting that started the ball rolling on this project and click here for more details about SOHTIS.

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